Despite that the BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carrier is a bit pricier than several other baby carriers of its kind, this product is also one step ahead of almost any other carriers from mei tai, because of the headrest, cushioned straps and outstanding attractiveness offered by this product. This baby carrier is an eye-catching, without being too fussed, product from mei tai that allow you to take it anywhere and can simply be put in the washing machine once it becomes dirty. The best part about the BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carrier is that it makes carrying kids up to 40 lbs. comfortable.


Extended straps for fitting different forms and figures of parents and children.

Bigger headrest section offer better head and neck back up.

The suspenders are well cushioned and comfy.

Can be washed in washing machine.

Good-looking and customize able.


You need to spend some time with the mei tai baby carriers to be familiar with it.

The cushioned suspenders and headrest cause the product to be a bit hulking when you fold or roll it for storing.

The BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carrier is more costly than several other baby carriers of its kind (about $80 to $100).


You can carry your child either in the front or on your back with comfort; since the product offer many different straps positions.

Able to carry kids up to 40 lbs. If you need some more space for babies 18 months and above, a ToddlerHawk is accessible.

2 sizes (Regular or XL) for parents to choose from, with a variation of materials.

External pockets and toy rings, together with adjustable carriers, are accessible as well.


Asian-style mei tai baby carrier.

The standard mei tai baby carrier is basically a rectangular piece of cloth attached with small bands in its corners. The bands are then strapped all-round the adult to shapes a small bag that babies can be placed in. The BabyHawk Mei Tai picks up that simple idea and develops it to create an exceptionally comfy and eye-catching baby carrier which appears contemporary but still able to keep the humble beauty from an old-fashioned design of the baby carrier.

When speaking of the parent’s comfort, BabyHawk has completed an amazing job through the Mei Tai baby carrier. The extended upper straps are cushioned for a pretty long way, starting from the point they come across the front carrier part. Even if you are really tall, it still has enough padding to cover your entirely shoulders, thus the major areas which bear the weight will not entrench. The lower straps have enough length to suit women up to size 22, which make of this carrier big enough for most adults to attach it tightly but pleasurably. If you still want some more space, there is a bigger size with straps around 12 inches longer.

With the BabyHawk Mei Tai, you are able to decide to carry your child either in the front or on your back. Learning to wear this product can be a bit difficult if you have never used another baby carrier of its style in the past. You will need some practice, especially if you want to carry baby on your back. It is useful to have another person to help you with the first few times attempting to carry baby on your back.

Considering the baby’s comfort, the carrier section that the BabyHawk Mei Tai offers is generously sized too. It is ideal for little babies wanting to cuddle inside a tiny nest, and also fit for older child who prefer their arms and legs to be free along with a good outlook to see the world. The carrier has enough cloth to offer good support without being too big. The headrest portion is also lightly cushioned as well to offers more support, and you can fold the top down if you want.

The structure looks very enduring. I thing that make me love the BabyHawk Mei Tai is that at each line of stitching, there are 2 rows of sewing. Checking often for rips or seams which are getting loosened is still a great idea, but the dual line of stitching must offer a little more security. The BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carrier seems to be pretty durable.

The BabyHawk Mei Tai is slightly heavier than most other carriers which are not padded and formless slings or mei tais. The long tails and headrest and the cushioned straps certainly make it more comfy, but when you have to pack this baby carrier in a diaper bag, you will definitely see the contrast. Even when you fold or roll it, the BabyHawk Mei Tai carrier is still larger than a ring sling which is not padded, but still smaller than a front-pack baby carrier which is fully structured. But you should know that after a few times of wash (it can be washed in washing machine!), the fabric become more flexible and will be a bit smaller when folded.

You are able to buy a ready-made BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carrier, or customize from a variety of fabrics, comprising several Dad-friendly preferences with only $80 to $100. You may also pick out many size options to make fit in perfectly, or put in a toy ring or pocket.

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