Overview of Ballistic SG MAXX Phone Case

Since it was first launched, The Ballistic SG MAXX phone case has caught attention of thousands of smart phone users all over the world. It is evaluated to introduce so many points and redeeming qualities that haven never not found in former generation: It can be installed easily; It consists of a holster, and provides you with great drop protection. But in other sides,  it’s only half as good as we expect. There are some harsh conditions that we hunters popularly come across .  Having hand-on experience it, you will have chance to approach with the most advanced technology in Smartphone field. Let’s consider my trustful review to check what I’ve said.


What Are The Key Features of the Ballistic SG MAXX phone case?

Here is some of the key features you can find with this item:

– It is considered as a protective case for iPhones of different versions (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, …)

– It is designed with clear thick firm screen protector, holster with belt/pocket clip, flexible inner case, and rigid partial outer shell.

– It has amazing drop protection.

– It doesn’t provide waterproof and dustproof.

– The total weight with phone, holster, and screen protector is 8.85 ounces.

What Are The Pros of the Ballistic phone case?

This powerful Ballistic SG MAXX Phone Case introduces a number of pros. And here is some of the most significant ones:

It offers easy installation.

It includes Holster.

It can perform well, regardless of any bad impacts that happen.

It allows you to clip in and out.

It has visible mute button, so you can still hand while you are hunting

It rarely becomes “grippy” when you put it down,. I often put it on my leg while I shot a magnificent ten-point whitetail buc

It won’t slide easily when you put it down while hunting.

I myself often put it on my leg while I shot a magnificent ten-point whitetail buck, and no issues have ever happened. It provides you with one year money back warranty. It means that you can return it to the manufacturer whenever you find any problems during your using within 1 year from the date of your purchase.

What Are The Cons of the SG MAXX phone case?

Everything has two side, and this item is not an exception. Here is the cons that are most complained by customers:

– It doesn’t include Weatherproof.

– It catches dirt/dust easily.

– It has clips separated From each other while hunting.

– Protecting screen is too solid and inflexible.

In spite of cons, they are not very serious and don’t make many bad effects on the product. So you can still feel safe to enjoy it

Customer review of the Ballistic SG MAXX phone case

Many hunters will at least one time or another have their phone collided with hard object such as rock or wood. So I think , it’s important to find effective ways to keep our phones safe in the field

My first smart phone was an iPhone 5, and Ballistic Model SG MAXX is my first experience with it. In spite of its easy installation, I found it has the screen protector with a solid, rigid clear plastic slab, which was difficult to use. Because I use phone to store important information and do some other things which require typing, and the thick protector makes it more difficult to type. That was the reason why I removed the protecting screen without too much consideration,

Another thing i don’t really like is that the user manual/instruction for this case are shown in very small text inside the package, however, I finally could read them without having to tare off the box.

You should make sure that the lip of this Ballistic DG MAXX phone case should completely wrap around the front of the phone. If there isn’t a screen protector, the lip does not tightly wrap the phone, so dust can be more easily slip in.


My naked phone’s weight was 5.00 ounces. With the case and holster, the phone has a total weight of 8.65 ounces. This case’s corners are very well cushioned, and drop protection is brilliant. I used to drop it by accident and the holster was almost two feet onto a concrete floor, and luckily, no problems happened.

Great Holster

This case brought me interest of owing a great holster, and it is an essential part in my life now. I always put the holster clip to my front pants pocket and until now, it has been working greatly for me. With some other phones, you can holster your phone with the screen facing in or out, however, in case of this item, you have to face the inward screen .This will offer Nearly full screen coverage, which is excellent. when you clip it with the screen facing out, the phone can be loose Inside the holster.

Although the holster isn’t perfect, the phone can still jump out of it immediately while I was shaking my hips to do other things. Unfortunately, both clip and holster were apart from each other when I pulled up my insulated britches after climbing out of a tree stand.. I heard the snap and then

The Lighter Side

The soft portion designed in this item is really exposed, which is great for hunters because it will keep things silent and protect the phone from becoming slimy when you put it down. The only issue about the grip is that it causes difficulty to put in and take out of pocket.


Actually, I enjoyed some positive uses coming with this item, but it still remains some negative points – for example, I cannot use its thick protecting screen. I enjoy holster and drop protection, but it would be more perfect if Ballistic SG MAXX Phone Case Gave better resistance from water and dust But we know that everything can still have not-very-good points, this Smartphone is now still among the best items ever. So if you like most of the features coming with it, I highly recommend you taking immediate action and obtaining it right now.



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