This Brother MFC-255CW All-in-One Printer is a color inkjet one and a good choice for the price under $100. You may find it prints slowly when printing across Wifi, but the quality is excellent, especially when it comes to photo printing.


Brother MFC-255CW All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Brother MFC-255CW All-in-One Printer Review Buy

  • It is a color inkjet printer
  • Duplex printing is manual
  • It is an all-in-one. This means you can use it as a fax, scanner or copier
  • The input capacity is up to 100 sheets
  • It can connect to wired and wireless networking
  • Print resolution is up to 6000 x 1200 dpi

Guide Review – Brother MFC-255CW All-in-One Printer

This Brother MFC-255CW all-in-one printer is way cheaper than several of other Brother’s larger multifunctional printers. By the way, this MFC-255CW’s weak and strong points are quite similar to those ones’. Using Brother’s ink Innobella, the print quality is great. Prints look sharp and crisp. You will find the Innobella inks can work well with cheap and plain paper. It does not leave the final copy soggy or limp. Photos are rich and sharply detailed. They also have amazing depth. There is just one thing you need to consider: the speed.

It may take about 9 minutes for this MFC-255CW to print Word document which has 20 pages. It takes more than 2 minutes and a half for the 1st page to come out, in case you print across Wifi. If you change to print via your USB drive, it will take 24 sec to print the first page, and the remaining will come out at the average speed of 20s/page.

Although this printer is a multifunctional one, it does a good job when it prints photos. One minute and a half is the time it needs to print a colourful 4 x 6 photo. The quality is great but this speed is not really ideal. If you don’t want to wait, you can try the MFC-6890cdw which is a bit more expensive.

One disadvantage is that this printer doesn’t offer any LCD screen for you to edit your photos. But it can support many kinds of memory cards as well as it allows you to scan your documents/photos directly to your email (TIFF, JPF, PDF files are some formats that your documents and photos can be scanned to)

In general, if you are looking for a printer at reasonable price and you don’t mind waiting, this Brother MFC-255CW can be a good choice because it is an all-in-one and it has good print quality.


  • It has excellent photo and print quality
  • The wireless networking is built-in and easy to set up
  • It is a low price multifunctional printer


  • You may have to wait when it print across the network.
  • Warm-up time may be long



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