Brother MFC-6490CW All-in-One Printer Review

This Brother MFC-6490CW is a multifunctional printer that offers almost everything that a small office may need. It is modern, but you may have difficulty finding space for it if you have limited space. It is as big as a vintage microwave oven, you can use this MFC print, copy, and scan up to 11×17.

It would be great if this Brother would be able to duplex print. These days, duplex printing has become one of the popular features that office machines (even printers with low-end inkjet) need to have. It would be handy and would save a lot of papers.

Brother MFC-6490CW All-in-One Printer Preview Buy

Brother MFC-6490CW All-in-One Printer Preview Buy

Detailed Review of Brother MFC-6490CW Printer

This Brother supports b/g wireless version. This version is not the latest one, so you may have to wait a bit when printing wirelessly. Wireless is built in, just like with Brother 7840W printer. And you can set up it quite easily. What you need is the SSID of the Wi-Fi network, as well as the password of your router (if you haven’t set up a password for your router, think about it now, you know, for security ).

After finishing setting up everything, you can find your network soon and can have your documents printed wirelessly in a few minutes. It depends on your network connecting, but usually it takes about 40 seconds for the 1st page of a huge PDF file to emerge, then subsequent pages will come out in around 20s.  When it comes to printing via USB drive (you need your own USB cable, it is not included when you buy this MFC-6490CW), it takes about 26s for the 1st page and about 13s for each page afterwards. Print quality is good and satisfactory.

This Brother has some security measures that may satisfy you! It offers useful features which are very great and convenient for your office. With the security measures, the administrator can adjust the settings, after entering the password. Users’ profiles are customized. For example: some can use the features Photo Capture, some can not.

In general, this is a nice all-in-one for your office. It can do almost everything and can print wirelessly with good quality. If it could print duplex and the speed was improved, it would become more satisfactory.


  • Wireless are built in
  • Print quality is excellent
  • You can set it up easily


  • It is not able to duplex print
  • You may have to wait quite often


  • It is a wireless printer with  color inkjet
  • It is a multifunctional printer which can fax, scan, and copy
  • You can use this Brother to print, copy, and scan up to 17×11



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