This Brother MFC-7840W All-in-One Printer will satisfy you if you want a monochrome printer which has a small footprint and high-quality.  Its small size can fit in your house or your space-limited office. There’s an automatic document feeder for you to have your printing done fast and effectively. The machine performs really fast and can connect to both wired and wireless networks.

Guide Review – Brother MFC-7840W All-in-One Printer

You can use this machine as a printer, a scanner, a fax, and a copier. This monochrome laser is multifunctional! With $300, you can have this excellent all-in-one which is outstanding for its speed and its built-in wired and wireless (802.11 b/g) networking feature (you know, the letter “W” in “MFC-7840W” stands for “Wireless” ). It also offers Windows and Mac compatibility and can store up to 600 pages in its memory.

Brother MFC 7840W All-In-One Printer Review Buy

Brother MFC 7840W All-In-One Printer Review Buy

Unlike other laser printers, this Brother won’t let you wait. Its warm-up process is quick and 30s is all you need to have your first page printed from the time you turn on this machine. Usually, it takes about four seconds to print one PDF page. The quality is good with sharp text and images coming out crisply. If you want, you can change to higher resolution but you may have to wait and there may have not much difference from the lower quality mode.

The printer offers an automatic document feeder, a 33.6k bps fax modem and security features. You can set a password to prevent others access to your stuffs. This is a suitable choice for small companies – this printer’s target market. You can find it is easy to set this Brother up to work wirelessly. All you need is to enter the security code, and then let the printer do all of the other things. Home or small businesses do not always have an IT team. This printer may be a great solution for that.

The Brother MFC-7840W All-in-One Printer has the toner instead of an inkjet.  Some are afraid that replacing the toner may be expensive. But you may realize that there is a toner-saver setting and replacing the toner will happen less often than with an inkjet. You can see it’s taller than most inkjet multifunctions, but its footprint isn’t larger.  One more advantage is that you can easily place this machine across the room because you have no need to wire it to a computer. In the same price range of $300, a high quality color inkjet printer is still available, but if you just need a monochrome, this is the right one!


  • It can access to both wired and wireless networking
  • It’s fast! It won’t let you wait!
  • It offers an automatic document feeder, a 33.6k bps fax modem, security features and multi functions can all be accessible over the network


  • It’s a monochrome
  • The price is a little bit more expensive than color inkjets
  • There are some feedbacks about its loud screeching noise when it prints, after several months using. But the customer service is good. Brother is willing to send a replacement or to extend the warranty time if there is such problem.



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