The Brother MFC-9320CW All-in-One Color LED Printer has excellent print quality. You will be surprised because of its good output as well as its decent speed. The interface allows you to configure easily. There are 4 starter cartridges which can stores up to 1,000 pages; so this Brother costs you less money than an inkjet printer. For those who are looking for a color printer for their own use, the MFC-9320CW which is $500 and has built-in wifi can be a good choice. By the way, in case your needs of color printing are minimum, or geared to photos, this is not a suitable printer.

  • This is a color LED printer
  • It prints duplex manually
  • It is an all-in-one which can be used as a fax, a copier and a scanner
  • Input capacity is 250 sheets
  • It can connect to wired and wireless network
  • This Brother has 802.11b/g wireless capability built in. Ethernet and Hi-speed USB 2.0 are also supported
  • Windows & Mac OS are supported
Brother MFC-9320CW All-in-One Color LED Printer Review Buy

Brother MFC-9320CW All-in-One Color LED Printer Review Buy

Guide Review – Brother MFC-9320CW All-in-One Color LED Printer

The Brother MFC-9320CW is a color LED multifunctional printer that is affordable to most average buyers. The printer has become very popular and it is competing well with Samsung. It is not as aesthetically pleasing or cheap as several laser printers which are from other manufacturers, but this color printer can offer us many useful functions, making it a really good deal. Moreover, you can hardly figure out the difference between this printer’s output and a laser printer’s.

It offers a scanner, a copier and a fax, but unfortunately it prints duplex manually. But remember that no multifunctional printers in this price range offer built-in duplexer. Anyway, to be honest,  many people prefer a built-in automatic duplexer to a fax because printers can now help you quickly and simply attach documents to an email.

The built-in wireless capability is 802.11b/g. You can set up it easily, but the LCD screen which is quite small may be a bit hard to configure. Moreover, there will be an irritating beep when you push a button.  Anyway, the MFC-9320CW can easily connect to your wireless network. You will not have to wait or retry many times.

When printing through Wifi connection, this printer will surprise you. 39 seconds is all it needs to finish printing a PDF which has four pages (warming up and printing the 1st page take 29s). In case the printer has warmed up, it takes just 23 seconds for this Brother to print a Word document which has four pages (14s for the 1st page). So, it takes just about 3 seconds / page. This is really fast when it comes to network printing. About print quality, it is really “laser-like”. You may find pages may be curled if you use cheap paper. So you should spend some extra money on more expensive paper.


  • Print quality is excellent
  • You can find it is easy to set up
  • It has built-in wireless networking
  • It is a color LED multifunctional printer which has low price


  • It print duplex manually
  • There may be a lot of paper curling
  • The LCD which is a black-on-yellow one is quite small




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