What Is Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231?

Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 is a newly-launched version which has some advanced features that many customers love. It is designed with handy size which fill in the gaps between axe hatchet and full-size axe. Of course, it cannot replace these two previous models, but it can be a potential alternative for pinch, with lighter weight and shorter length. In fact, the negative sides are unavoidable, it is generally an ideal option for hunters and campers. We hope this review is useful and help you decide whether this Camp Axe is what you are looking for.

Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 Buy Review

Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 Buy Review

What Key Features Does Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 Have?

Below are the most notable features of the Camp Axe Model 231:

  • It is a handy size axe. You can easily bring it together while going on hunting or camping.
  • It includes a tapered head which is useful to stop sticking in wood.
  • It introduces long cutting edge, including a hooked point at the heel. You can use it to move wood.
  • Each piece of head is hot-forged with an amount of carbon is 1055 tool steel.
  • Normal length:24 7/8 inches.
  • Normal weight: 2.40 pounds, including black nylon sheath (which often appears as a blade cover).
  • It introduces polypropylene and fiberglass injection handles, so it’s strong and long lasting.
  • Handle is especially designed for good handling no matter how it is long.
  • It is potentially strong because of steel wedge extending from axe head to the handle.
  • It is proven quality and reliable for being developed by Russ Kommer, a reputed name in the field and is highly appreciated by a range of customers all over the world.

What Are The Pros?

  • It is designed with light weight and small size.
  • It comes with beautiful long cutting edge, the hook built by its heel is helpful for wood moving.
  • Small handle of textured plastic offers a good grip, you don’t have to worry about over roughness.
  • It has durable polypropylene & fiberglass handle. You can enjoy its great quality in spite of long time using.
  • It can hold edge well.
  • The cutting edge is covered with sheath, which plays an important role, particularly after you finish sharpening it.

What Are The Cons?

  • Sheath doesn’t consist of a belt loop or any other items for attaching or carrying.
  • It is composed of rounded butt, which can form an ill hammer.
  • The amount to gain it is said to be high.

Personally, I think they are small issues and don’t affect too much to the quality of this item. And the high amount is worth for great performance it offers.

My personal Review of the Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231

The first time I’ve seen an axe was decades ago. That was when I saw my father used a small wood-handled axe which are very similar to this one. I followed this performance and really interested in using it. And it is the reason why when I first saw this Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231, I was eager to give it a try.

My First Impression on This Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231

When the Browning Outdoorsman Shears was shipped to my home, I was attracted by its general shape and design. I don’t like the packaging which was built from plastic clamshell and heat-welded. After opening up the package, i realized the ax was not as sharp as I expected and came with a remarkably dull spot beside the lower end of the cutting edge.

I knock back some brush with this axe while of my friends and I together erected a ladder stand in the woods. I can say that the Model 231 did a fairly good job.

Try Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 with a Hog

A few weeks later, I shot a wild hog and decided to try this axe. I hold the handle right under the head and used it to skin and butcher, but it didn’t perform well because its factory edge was too dull. Then I used a file to make this axe a sharp cutting edge.

Whitetail hand-on experience

After having a nice whitetail doe, I used this axe to remove a shoulder. It worked well and I was successful. The long handle can be not perfectly useful to skin and butcher deer-size game, but it is not difficult to realize how this thing could shine to operate larger animals.

Around Camp

This axe is an ideal tool to keep around camp. It is good at keeping any sharp edge. I’ve tried doing some cleanup around camp with it, and it remains really sharp in spite of in use much before.

What are the down sides?

After being used too much for strong activities, such as drive something, or cutting timber. This axe can become short. The rounded butt (poll) of the head drives it narrow, but the most serious issue is that it makes prone to slip off of everything you’re trying to drive. If you want to bring it with you, you will need to put it in a pack first. The sheath only covers the cutting edge, and doesn’t offer any components to hang or attach the axe to your pack.


In short, Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe Model 231 is really a good axe, and I like to bring it with me when going out for camping, going into forest and when shucking out large game. The head and all high carbon tool steel will rust, so don’t forget to keep an eye on it and oil it whenever it is necessary. OK, so now, please feel comfortable to invest in this amazing axe, you will have the most useful cutting tool ever.



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