Introduction to Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230

Have you ever heard about great shears named Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230? Yeah, Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 are imported shears which were claimed to support hunters dress game. They introduce some advanced features that you have never found in any other previous shear models. For example, they introduce great extending, high-quality sheath, and sharp and tough blades, so on. There are only two complains around them. The first one is related to the gut hook, which is actually a toss-up, and often requires the compound action, which can make the shears not as useful as they should be. But in generally, they are well appreciated by most of users for making life easier. So you in need of pair of shears? Let’s consider my review and then decide whether you?

Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 Buy Review

Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 Buy Review

How Do These Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 Work?

  • Shears are especially designed for the outdoorsman; they work as limb loppers for trees and game.
  • They include a gut hook. The straight segments of the blades work in the same way as big scissors.
  • Their cutting edges are sharp, you can see them directly when open their box. And for safety of people who open the box, they are covered with a nylon sheath. SO don’t worry too much when opening the box for the first time.
  • Plastic-lined sheath offers no a belt loop.
  • Their collapsed length is 21″, when they are fully extended, the length will become       28.5″.
  • Weight: 2.27 pounds ( of which 2.41 pounds belongs by sheath).
  • Retailed price is $78.00. .

What Are the Advantages of These Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230?

Ok, so now please take a look at the following information to discover the great things inside these shears:

  • They have easy-to-extend telescoping handles, so they offer leverage, and you can totally make them into small parts for easier storage.
  • They provide you with cushioned handles which are all easy to grasp.
  • They are really sharp shears .
  • Their cutting blade is sturdy and can perform hard work well.
  • They introduce protective case to protect the business end.

What Are The Drawbacks of These Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230?

  • They are made in Taiwan, a origin that many users is not very interested in.
  • They require compound action to perform hard work effectively. If you want to cut the leg bones of a small pig and whitetail doe, you have to spend quite much strength.
  • The gut hook cannot work on all games because of the too large size.
  • Blades will gradually rust after certain time of using

My Personal Review about The Browning Outdoorsman Shears

I found myself lucky when having chance to try these shears on my own, especially at right occasion: I have recently participated in a hunting lease, and by that time I found that the shears would show up in handy around camp, installing stands, and field dressing game. I also got a Browning Outdoorsman Camp Axe at the same time.

My First Thoughts about The Browning Outdoorsman Shears

My first thought about this item was that the packaging was not very attractive; it’s made of the frustrating clear fused-plastic type that often needs old shears to gain the new shears. Moreover, their origin is Taiwan, not mainland China as my expectation.

In spite of not very good first impression, I still decided to check the shears, and my next feeling was that The gut hook was like an evil, finger-eating SOB. Fortunately, until now I have used them for 2 years, but have never suffered from any injuries with them. In contrast, I can control them fluently now.

In fact, I now feel safe when finding the plastic-lined black nylon cover that was enclosed at the end of the shears. That cover will help to protect you and your gear from being injured, and even to protect the shears. These shears don’t offer any belt loop on the sheath, so you cannot enclose gear to your belt; however, there is a metal grommet which can be attached to a pack. You can also use a caribiner to fasten it to a belt loop, following guidelines in a video on Browning’s website, but the shears would collapse around and hit against your leg once you walked.

Test on Checking The Browning 230 Outdoorsman Shears

I first used these shears to cut some small tree limbs in my house, and they performed greatly. Then, I used them to bring some pine limbs away when my friends and I build a tree stand in the woods. As I saw, the loppers worked well, but they still require some multiple actions. Compound shears and loppers offer a mechanical benefit which allows you to cut big limbs and bones with much less effort. And I highly appreciate this benefit.

The Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 Work on Game

At another checking, I had them work on a 96-pound item in order that I could shoot with the old 44 magnum revolver of my Dad. The gut hook worked greatly when I used it to open the cover on the pig’s belly. But it still needs compound action.

Besides working fine around camp, these shears can also perform greatly with a whitetail doe, which I shoot with the familiar revolver. And I found the results same: They worked well but still needed compound action.

The straight element of the blades, can work like scissors. Its function is to snip throughout the breastplate and pelvis, which is also the main function of these shears. Note that the shears can perform more much easily if you had compound action.


In conclusion, Browning Outdoorsman Shears Model 230 are pretty great. They are well-made. The small issue is that they always require compound actions for better perform, so if they are designed differently, they would be more perfect. But anyway, with what they can do, they are great and worth investing. They will help to make your life much easier. So if you are looking for great shears, I think they are really a good option. Let’s have immediate action to bring them to your house right now.


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