Overview of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope is an amazing product that claims to bring about users with the greatest features ever. I’ve compared it with some other models in the same field and it is actually on top quality. It can fit well with my Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow and I used to try to took a deer with it, it performed well. The most serious down side around it is the feature of eye relief and reticle (crosshair). Let’s consider the following information to learn more about this product, you may find a worth investing item.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope Review

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope Review

The Good Sides of The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Scope

  • It offers various functions. It means you can use it in different ranges.
  • The optics quality coming with it is quite good.
  • If you want to make any adjustment, you can do easily with your hand, don’t need to use any coins or screwdrivers.
  • It provides magnification, so you don’t need to bring binoculars. So you can reduce one thing.
  • It is able to control work efficiently.

 The Down Sides of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Crossbow Scope

  • The eticle (crosshair) markings coming with it are light;
  • The eye relief is too long.
  • Manual work is sometimes not very accurate.
  • Before running it, you need to return scope to low power.

Key Features of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope

  • It introduces numerous magnification, which ranges from 1.75x to 5x with the objective lens of 32mm.
  • It has the parallax set of 35 yards.
  • The scope adjustment is about 1/4″/a 25 yard-click (each 100-yard click equals 1″).
  • Scope of view at 100 yards is 49’@1.75x, 17′ at 5x.
  • Exit pupil width is 18.2-6.4mm.
  • Eye relief is 4.5″
  • Total length isis 10.25″ (varies basing on eyepiece focus).
  • Length of tube is 5.1″
  • Weight is 13.15 ounces alone, not includes  rings or cover. The covers is quite heavy with the weigh of 1.15 oz.
  • Bushnell Model Number is 851532XB.

How to use the Bushnell Crossbow Scope

I begun trying this item several years ago. When I bought it, it was coming with low-priced red/green dot sight. I zeroed the sight, so I could grasp at the kill zone’s center and mark exact shots on /size targets –out to 27 yards. More than that, the drop was so awesome.

I intended to take a couple of whitetails with that setup, but there were some drawbacks. The first one is that the scope didn’t offer any magnifications, so if I wanted to see a deer (or any other things) more clearly, I would have to use detached binoculars. The other drawbakc is my limited range.

When I had chance to experience Bushnell’s new Legend Ultra HD crossbow scope, I was eager to start. Although I was confident with Bushnell optics’ low side by that time because of my past experience, I’m now using a Bushnell laser range finder. And I find it and this scope really useful in the field.

I realized that the scope-mounting dovetail on my crossbow and those which are used in a lot of rimfire rifles are at the same size, so I decided to buy a set of rings to fit them. I bought some scope rings with the amount of 22 rifles. And now I’ve learned a lesson that “be cautious or you will waste money for bad things”. Actually, by that time, I thought that I was buying high-quality rings because they are B-Square rings, but I later found that I was wrong. You can read my B-Square scope ring review to learn more about this.

Changing It Up

Once I had a new scope mounted, I found a lot of changes. It provided a lower profile than the original model, but of course it was much longer. The part which is changed most was the long eye relief of the Bushnell scope. It is too long for my setup. If I freely put the crossbow on my shoulders, my face will be too close to the scope, and I have to manage by turning my head back.


This scope offers a crosshair system (DOA) which can help you to produce  exact crossbow shots of at least 50 yards. It is small enough for you to hold by hands. Also, it worked fine for my slow Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow.

If you try the DOA in your own crossbow and confirm with me that it happens familiarly with mine, I strongly caution you not to take shots at game in long range with any bow or crossbow. Arrows are slow, and deer are fast, so you cannot take any shots. Even a 35- yard arrow can not catch up with an alert deer.

It also introduces a “rack bracket” feature which allows you to estimate width of whitetail and mule deer antler, using reticle marks, following the width of the animal’s ears. Personally, I find it quite great. If you can estimate antlers, you can perform better without have to consider the marks, power and range, etc.

Manual Mistakes When Using Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope

You also have to identify the scope at every particular power when shooting, otherwise, the different targeted points on the DOA reticle can not work properly. As the manual, “The reticle is especially designed to set the 2x of scope’s power ring. This provides the users with a clear point to ensure they choose the correct power to use the reticle appropriately…”


After some shooting some shots and making some adjustments, I had the scope zeroed easily. I even took shot of a group with 50 yards, which is quite good if you’re slinging arrows.

Using The Bushnell Legend Crossbow Scope In the Field

One of the most notitable things I found when I hit the woods using this scope was that the crosshairs and other reticle markings are rather light. In addition, aimed shooting is not familiar to hunting. I hadn’t paid much attention to the range, but it was tough for me to pick the dots.

I then changed the scope’s eyepiece so that I can focus on the reticle better. The condition was improved considerably.

Making Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope Count

When I saw a legal critter in front of me, I managed to range it at 35 yards. I seperated 30- and 40-yard dots in the scope, then I stared taking the shot, finally, the arrow flew directl and exactly. The deer jumped the string and went a long ways, leaving a little blood. I thought that was a success.


In short, I’m  generally sastified with this Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75x-5x32mm Crossbow Scope. Although it still has some drawbacks, such as pretty light reticle markings, too long shorter eye relief, it provides with many great things in general. So if you are looking for a cross, I highly recommend you checking this one.

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