Overview of Bushnell X8 6 MP Digital Trail Camera

In this article, we try to deliver a complete review of the Bushnell X8 6 MP Digital Trail Camera – one of the best digital cameras for hunters. It is a nice camera with so many great features that I have never had chance to enjoy. For example,  it is strong; it is light; it is easy to use; it offers battery of long life… and many more. To learn more about it, please read on this complete review.

Bushnell X8 6MP Digital Trail Camera Buy Review

Bushnell X8 6MP Digital Trail Camera Review Buy

Key Features of Bushnell X8 6MP Digital Trail Camera

I will take this part to provide you will some of the most important features around this amazing digital camera:

  • It is 6 Megapixel digital trail camera. You can also set it up to take 2 or 4 MP pictures continuously.
  • It comes with a battery of 9 months life. Mine has not been used for months, but is still in good condition.
  • It allows you to make photos and video whenever you want. It means you can have this functions performed even at night.
  • It introduces a “field scan” mode that is great for seeing plots or fields. It allows you to take one to three pictures at whatever time you set without caring whether things are within the sensor’s range or not.
  • Motion sensor will process photos during your setting times if something appears within the sensor’s range of the field watch mode.
  • 36 IR LED flash can work up to the distance of 45 feet.
  • Video range is 640x480p;
  • Motion sensor can range up to 55 feet.
  • It shows all, from date and time to temperature and moon phase on images and videos.
  • It comes with strap (with plastic rapid-release buckle enclosed), USB cord, camera, RCA to 1/8″ stereo cord (for TV), and guidebook.
  • It can also go with a cable lock.
  • It accepts SD card of up to 32 GB.
  • It has an changeable trigger interval, multi-images, and various range of PIR motion sensor (small, medium, or large).
  • It weighs 9.05 ounces without batteries and cards and weighs, 15.70 ounces when these two components are included.
  • Its working temperature range is from 0 to 140 degrees F.

The Pros of This Bushnell X8 Camera

Trying this amazing digital trail camera, I’ve enjoyed a number of pros. And now, I’d like to share some of the most remarkable ones.

  • This camera provides an extremely long battery life; I have been using it for more than one year, but the battery still remains high quality.
  • It includes various information on image and videos. You can easily see date, time, temperature as well as moon phase in every picture and video you made with it.
  • Both motion detector and infrared LED flash introduce long range.
  • It offers a range of colors for you to choose.

The Cons of The Bushnell Digital Trail Camera

Its menus can be sometimes quite cryptic, but in general, it is rather good.

  • It was made in China, an origin that many users don’t like very much. But personally, I think the most important thing to access an item is its quality, not its origin.

My Personal Review about Bushnell X8 Digital Trail Camera

The photos I took with this camera are all in great quality. Most of the pictures taken at the low light conditions are clear. Although they can be not as good as those which are taken at brighter conditions.

Moreover, it is really easy to use. I can use it immediately when I got it. I took photos of scenes and of myself when I was on the way from the  shop to my home, both with day and night light. The pictures were so great. And some days later, I took it to a forest in central Georgia, where I had chance to take a lot of photos of whitetail deer. That was such a great experience.

However, there are still some features that I’m not very satisfied. For example, I didn’t like its packaging. It is such a tough plastic cover that it took me time and efforts to open. But you will soon forget that downside once you see this camera. It is great from design to quality.

Experience with the false alarm

The first time I set up this Bushnell X8 camera is to take photos of some critters. I didn’t remember how I set up, but I saw a one 8-point buck and what I finally got many pictures of the deer. It happened in a shady hardwood bottom.

After that I brought the camera to a less sheltered area in a hill where there were a lot of tall tall and big tree which are close to the camera. Unfortunately, I made so many triggers there. In that condition, I should have set the sensor to low, but I set it to high. Actually, I almost have never set up wrong, and that situation was so different. Consequently, I had to live with that triggers until I had a friend who is major at repairing camera repair it. The lesson from this story is that although this camera is easy to use, don’t set it up by yourself when you are not sure about it; otherwise, you will have to suffer from your mistakes.

Plot Watch, Time Lapse, and Field Scan in the Bushnell X8 Camera

I’d been interested in the idea of  Plot Watcher, which take photos basing on a timer. As I generally mentioned above,  this mode allows you to take shots of items which are far from you, like a food plot or field. I was really intrigued, but couldn’t afford.

Luckily, this feature is included in this camera. I set up it to take photo of a food plot. And the result I finally gained was a lot of great photos of various animals which I have never gained when just relying on the motion detector.

The first time I found settings a bit confusing is when I tried time lapse; I thought that I had set it to take one photo per 15 minutes, not three photos as it was. After moths, I set it up again, it wasn’t too hard to understand. So although the setting wasn’t easy, it wasn’t too difficult to solve the problem.

About the PIR motion detector, it also works in Field Scan mode. Providing that the things are within the motion detector’s range during  shooting time, this camera can take photos accordingly.


In conclusion, Bushnell X8 Digital Trail Camera is really a great trail camera. It offers the most great things and the least problematic ever. Battery life is awesome. The photos taken by it are very good. The videos are also in pretty good quality. So what more are you waiting for? If you are intending to purchase a digital camera, this is really an ideal option, I guarantee.



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