• The Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer is a color inkjet one
  • You can use it as copier as well as a scanner
  • 2400 x 4800 dpi is the optical resolution for scanner
  • The LCD is 1.8″
  • There are many media-card options for you to choose:  Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro, SD Memory Card.
  • There is a Bluetooth adapter which is optional
Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

For just around $100, the Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer is a good choice for those who are looking for a photo printer but do not intend to use it a lot. If you need more options such as ADF ( document feeder which is automatic ) and paper trays, you may have to check out some of other printers which are more expensive.

Guide Review – Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer

The Canon Pixma MP480 All-in-One Printer will impress you first by its appearance. It is much nicer than many other multifunctional printers out there. It is a small printer with rounded edges. And it has a futuristic-looking white. Just like other Pixma printers, the Pixma MP480 is cleverly designed to be as space-saving as possible. So it will not take too much space on your desktop. You know, its LCD monitor and its paper output tray will just pop up when needed. In addition, there is an optional Bluetooth adapter. You can print from a cell phone which is Bluetooth-enabled.

About print quality, you will be glad because it will give you excellent prints. If you choose normal quality, your 4 x 6 photo will come out just under one minute with vivid and sharp colors. The ink will be completely dry and the quality will be comparable to a lot of dedicated photo printers on the market.

Print speeds are acceptable. At draft mode, a monochrome page can come out in about 3 seconds, color one takes about 5 seconds. In case you choose normal quality, it will take a few more seconds to finish printing. This Canon printer has only 2 ink tanks but it still can give you prints with great look. This also means you will spend less replacing these 2 tanks ( when needed ) than 5 or 6 tanks which are used by other inkjet multifunctional printers.

You can load papers in the back of this printer. But it just can store 100 pages and printing duplex are manual, so you should reconsider if you are looking for a printer for your busy home office.

In general, this printer is a good choice and it is quite competitive in its price range. If you need a small printer with good print quality and acceptable print speed, and you don’t mind its noisy warm-up time, the Pixma MP480 is very suitable. But remember this isn’t a printer that is meant for heavy use.


  • It is a small, lightweight printer
  • It gives you good prints
  • You will find setting it up is easy


  • You may find it is a bit noisy
  • It does not come with an ADF ( automatic document feeder )
  • Paper input tray is not included



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