Guide Review – Canon Pixma MP610 All-in-One Printer

Like other multifunctional printers of Canon, this Canon Pixma MP610 MP610 All-in-One Printer is quite desktop-friendly despite its large size. You can fold everything up, even its large LCD screen. So this printer can save your space. Moreover, it has some hidden slots which are used for memory cards as well as an output tray which can open automatically. You know, those are what make Canon’s printers become so popular.

Canon Pixma MP610 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Canon Pixma MP610 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Users are allowed to edit their photos on this printer. However, some may find it is quite hard to preview these changes. There will be no explanations from the menu about how a “Photo opt. pro” will look like (as a matter of fact, it means optimizing tone and brightness). This feature makes your photo somehow lighter than you expect. Moreover, the option “illustration” option may give you a result which may be not really good. Some other photo-editing softwares can give you better results. ¬†However, the Navigator’s “digital face smoothing” won’t let you down. This feature does a good job when you want the faces in the photos become more beautiful and younger.

You will have your photos printed great-looking. They come out dry and sharp, especially when you have used another program (Photoshop Elements, for example) to edit your photos.

About the printing speed, it takes about one minute and fifteen seconds for a 4 x 6 photo to come out, in case you choose default resolution. When it comes to copying, the speed is really fast. Moreover, with the help of the onboard screen, you are shown how to print multiple sheets on just one page. You will find that is a really good way to help save ink and paper.

In addition, there is a Bluetooth utility which is optional. It allows users to print wirelessly. And you know, the starting up time of newer Pixmas printers is somehow shorter than older models.

This Pixma MP610 still has some drawbacks, especially when it comes to photo editing. The MP Navigator is the only feature included in the built-in software bundle, but it is sad to know that it is quite difficult to use. You may find it is a lightly featured and clumsy utility which offers little more than several smoothing as well as sharpening functions.


  • Its LCD screen is large
  • It has a compact design
  • The speed is satisfactory. It can scan and print very fast
  • Bluetooth printing is allowed ( optional )


  • There are not many photo-editing options
  • It offers basic graphics software
  • You may have some difficulties in previewing ¬†photo edits


This Pixma MP610 All-in-One Printer is very good at printing, scanning photos and even documents which contain lots of graphics. It offers a scroll wheel which is very handy. By the way, some users may find it is somehow more complicated to use than some of other multifunctional printers in the same price range.

  • This printer offers a high-definition TFT display which is 2.5 inches
  • It can scan 4800 x 9600 color dpi and can print 9600 x 2400 color dpi
  • The Scroll Wheel is easy to use
  • It is compatible with PictBridge



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