This Canon Pixma MX7600 All-in-One Printer is  very useful as well as hardworking, like other multifunctional printers of Canon. It has great print quality and you will find it is very convenient because you can still receive good results when using plain paper. It is a big all-in-one which is quite heavy. Its price is quite high compared to other inkjet multifunctionals. If you need one of the top-quality printers, this may be a good choice.

We can call this Canon Pixma MX7600 All-in-One Printer “The Beast” ( like the way we call our cars ) It weighs up to 40 lbs, so you may have some difficulties getting it upstairs as well as unboxing it from its carton.

  • It is a multifunctional which can print, scan, fax and copy
  • It is networkable via Ethernet
  • It can print about 28 black-and-white pages/minute and 23 color page/minute ( up to the settings)
  • It has 6 ink tanks and 1 tank is used for clear ink
Canon Pixma MX7600 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Canon Pixma MX7600 All-in-One Printer Review Buy


  • It has excellent print quality
  • It is networkable via Ethernet
  • It offers you some memory card functions which are very convenient


  • It is a big printer which is quite heavy
  • Its price is quite high

Guide Review – Canon Pixma MX7600 All-in-One Printer

Once this Pixma begins to work, you will see its bulk justified. This printer has PgR technology. Thanks to this, a large tank used for clear ink is added to the Pixma’s 6 ink tanks ( include black and color ). This clear ink will print first to make a pre-layer, then the other inks will come next. So, your text as well as your color graphics will be nice and clear. Moreover, this extra ink layer can prevent smudging. This will help you a lot, especially when printing on plain paper. Of course, you have to replace one more cartridge.

You may find the LCD screen a bit small as well as buttons are spaced out. There is a Memory Card button which is very useful when printing photos which are from your SD card or other kinds of media. You will be impressed with Canon software offered: Newsoft Presto Page Manage, MP Navigator EX, and Easy-PhotoPrint EX. All of them work very adequately although they seems to be simply required add-ons, not professional graphics software. Canon did a good job when they make this printer networkable. By the way, they didn’t make it wireless. These days, wireless networking has become practically ubiquitous, maybe it is time for printer manufacturers to regard wireless as one of the most standard functions.

About the printing speed, it takes only one minute for a color photo which is 8 x 10 to come out. You will love the printing quality because your photos will be very dry, sharp as well as colors vivid. When you print on plain paper ( in full color ), the paper may be slightly limp. But don’t worry because it won’t be so moist or sloppy as what will happen when you print on anything but inkjet paper. As an all-in-one, this Pixma allows you can use it to fax, copy, and scan. All of those functions work really well.



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