Introduction to Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight

Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight is a flashlight which provide sufficient bright light for most common needs. It is packed in a quite light package. In addition, it comes with popular batteries (AA) and a high-intensity LED. In this article, we will review and summarize all features, pros and cons of this LED flashlight to assist you in buying decision.

Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight Buy Review

Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight Buy Review

What Major Features Does Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight Offer?

  • It is covered with silver color and designed with aluminum body.
  • It is 5 13/16 inches in length. The maximum diameter is 1 1/16 inch.
  • Its full package (with batteries) weighs 4.8 ounces.
  • It is supposed to release the light of up to 150 lumens.
  • It was successful in a test of 1-meter drop.
  • A IPX4 waterproof is included.
  • It introduces a removable nylon lanyard.
  • The pushbutton on-off switch is put under black rubber on last part of the light.

The Pros of Energizer High Intensity Flashlight

In this part, I’d like to share with you some of the most important pros that I’ve found in this flashlight:

  • It’s proven and reliable. I’ve used it for years, but It has never made me disappointed.
  • New batteries are able to produce good bright light. When the batteries become old, it doesn’t let you totally be in the dark.
  • When you purchase the flashlight, you are also given batteries (two AA batteries).
  • Its push button on-off switch is sturdy. So don’t worry that the lights will be turn on or off accidentally in your pocket.
  • It introduces wrist lanyard which is removable. So never worry about drops.

The Cons of Energizer LED Flashlight

  • It is made in China, which may be a concern for some customers
  • It almost cannot be hold with your teeth when your hands are busy.
  • Its aluminum body can become cold in the winter.

Although they are cons, they are not serious, and this flashlight is still so great.

Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight’s Motto: Simple Is the Best

This flashlight is one of the examples for the approach of Energizer to flashlights: The simple, the better. The previous Energizer lights that I checked and reviewed were so complicated, un-intuitive, and sometimes offer unstable lights (once one model started to turn itself on and off randomly), but with this flashlight, these issues are eradicated. It is actually a nice and simple light that most users love.

Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight Trial

My family live in the countryside where good lights are essential. All hunters in our area need really good lights to make sure we are safe in the night time. It is the reason why we had to make a test a number of flashlights to choose the most suitable one for our situation.

As I started to check this light, my wife was eager to use it when she took our little doglet out in the back yard at night. And after some testing days, I found that it is the best. So I decided to invest in it. This kind of flashlight is now the light source around my house.

Energizer LED Flashlight Is Durable

Once I got the light at the beginning of February, I installed the batteries available in the package and take care of it as guided in the instructions. It had to “work hard” because my wife is usually using her flashlight every night and leaving it on even when the floodlights are shining brightly. But surprisingly, the light was still functional and the batteries don’t need to be replaced until May 22.

Although the light seemed to be weaker in the last few weeks before the batteries’ replacement, it was bright enough for us not to warrant new batteries. And when the light finally drooped forever, we were not surprised at all. It has worked great for so a long time.

Never Lose the Lanyard in Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight

The wrist lanyard in this flashlight is really a great touch, but it is removable. It is the reason why I notice you “ never lose the lanyard in your flashlight”. It often comes with other parts to help them rotate freely around the light’s body, but at another side, those parts can slip off once you open the last cap to change batteries. So please take care of the lanyard, don’t remove it if you want your lights to always work fine.

Does Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight Allow Hands-Free?

We sometimes have our teeth helped our hands to hold things when our hands are busy. But in this light case, this is not a pleasant experience. I myself used to try but I couldn’t maintain it for a long time. And in case you want to light up a tent, you almost cannot do anything with the light shining upward.


To sum up, Energizer High Intensity LED Flashlight is really an awesome flashlight. I’m really satisfied with it. For the first time, I’ve found so many great things in one flashlight like this. It’s good; It is simple to use; It offers stable bright light and it is durable. And although I’d like to put it in my hunting pack some days later, I’m not sure I can gain it or have to purchase one more piece because my wife also loves it and always has it with her. What about you? Do you think that this flashlight is useful for your condition? If you say “yes”, I strongly recommend you purchasing it right now. We all agree that we should take chance to enjoy the good things as soon as possible, right?




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