Overview of the Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam
Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera is a good camera which works mainly basing on its foibles. It can shoot video of high quality, however, it doesn’t allow you to set date and time. We hope this review article is useful for customers who are looking for a video camera that excels in image and video quality.
Summary of the Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera

Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam Buy Review

Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam Buy Review

• It is light and portable.
• It can work with standard-size batteries (AAAx3).
• It’s able to capture high-quality crisp HD video.
• It can take still images.

• It doesn’t allow you to set date and time.
• It doesn’t include sensor which shows you which way is up – and you can’t have it worked with the camera turned sideways, instead, you will have to use FLIP mode if you mount it upside-down.
• Mounting options aren’t as various as they should be.
• The battery is easily broken, so remember to read instructions carefully before opening the battery compartment, or you will break it.
Key Features of Epic HD 1080P POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam
• It is a solid and portable point video camera.
• It weighs 4 ounces ( including batteries (3 pieces of AAA) and SD card).
• It is 4.25″ in length, 1.25″ in height, and 1.625″ in width.
• Its wide angle is in the range of 120 and 169 degrees.
• It offers 5M 1/2.5″- color-CMOS- sensor.
• The video modes include: 1080P, 960P (30 fps*); 720P (30 or 60 fps); WVGA (60 fps) and
• It introduces H.264- codec with audio recording function . You can save it as MP4
• You can take still pictures of 3, 5, or 8 megapixel.
• Time lapse mode included.
• The internal flash space is 32 M, of which only 18 MB is for saving video ); It can work with SD card of 32 GB.
* fps = frames per second

Memory upgrade
This Epic HD video camera is a great device to record all of my deer hunts and i usually enjoy watching the videos when i have free time. However, a problem with this camera is that the memory is not large enough if you need to record a lot of videos. Fortunately, it accepts an SD card of up to 32 GB, so you have more room for storing all of your valuable data.

The shortcomings
Even though the Epic HD 1080P POV camera is a great choice for many buyers, it still has some down sides that you should be aware of before buying. Perhaps the most noticeable downside is the difficulty in opening the battery compartment for battery replacement. Some customers feedback that they need to refer to the user manual before they realize that they need to open the cover of SD, USB, DC power ports first.
Another thing that i was surprise was the unavailability of USB cable. I had to use the cable which belongs to the I-Kam Xtreme video glasses to connect the camera to my computer.
No Date and Time Setting
The first thing I did after getting this video camera from its box was to manage to set date and time, so that i can tell which video file was recorded in which time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible because Epic doesn’t include the date/time features into this camera.

When you first looked at the mounting options, you might expect it to be flexible, but it turned out to be different. All of what you can do is to join it to some other things, or stick it to a curved surface. In fact, you cannot it to any flat surface.
As a hunter, I always brought my camera together with my gun in order that if I took photos of something, the camera would be forward in the same way. (Personally, I was using the Savage 110 which I’d rebarreled to 338-06.). Actually, this camera cannot identify which way is up, so I had to use the variable “elbow” mount for the camera to hang off to one side. But finally, it was still right-side-up.
Windows XP means no playback
By the time I bought this video camera, I was using a desktop computer with Windows XP. When I install the video camera with the computer, I couldn’t play any videos properly. But now, I’m using Windows 7 laptop, or Windows 7 desktop, any I can play any video I want.
Can You Produce Audio with Epic HD 1080 POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam?
Speak of audio, this camera allowed me to produce audio, but this function was not very good. When I carried out the test, I kept the camera with my hand and made it forward my face, then started to speak some words in a standard voice. But when I played it back, I couldn’t hear the sound clearly, even with maximum volumes. I had to use outer powered speakers, or I couldn’t hear it with my laptop.
How Epic HD 1080 POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam Performs in the Woods
In the end, I could shoot a whitetail deer with this camera when I was hunting it with the rifle. I turned it on and put the rifle on my shoulders, then saw the doe through the scope. Because the doe was not legal to take, I just watched as she slightly looked around. Some minutes later, the deer evenly left. And this is a good chance to take a shot if it had been legal to do.
After that, the camera began producing loud beeps. WHAT’S UP?! The deer then escaped from the blowing, and made alarm to all other deer to notice that something just wasn’t right back yonder. By that time, I looked at the camera, and I didn’t understand why it had turned itself off suddenly.
In fact, it came with a number of battery juice and large SD-card- space, so I was not sure the reason of its malfunction.
Can Epic HD 1080 POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam Take Shots of Far-Distance Items?
The deer was so small that I almost couldn’t see it until it raised its giant tail. And this was really a drawback for capturing moments with this video camera.
When the light was not very bright, it could only capture things which appear to be black. And with critters, they had to be within very close distance so that a viewer could know that they were there.
I planned to capture some deer sighting videos some minutes later. The camera appeared to be full, but in fact only 1.51 gigabytes was free. In spite of that, I still run the camera, but I couldn’t see deer in the video as everything was so small.
Epic HD 1080 POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam Is Not Handy
Once I had this camera strapped to my rifle, I killed a big hog and a whitetail buck. I didn’t use this camera to record this moment because I didn’t have much time; However, I had another camera recorded the blood-trailing of the buck but didn’t manage to turn on the camera. This could be an annoying action in this case.
Ok, so after such a long sharing, do you think that Epic HD 1080 POV Video Camera by Stealth Cam is my favorite hunting camera? It would be exacter to say “no”, I think. This camera cannot be the best solution for hunters. It works flaky, doesn’t support time or date setting, is not able to auto-rotate, and cannot take shots of small things in far distance. So if you’re in need of a good video camera to record your hunts, I recommend you keep looking


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