The Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer will make small businesses and small workgroups pleased with its speed. Although it has large footprint and you may have to spend some extra money for the optional duplexer, this printer is still a good choice because it does a good job on graphics and photos.

  • This is a color inkjet printer
  • There are front and rear paper cassettes ( the front one can hold 500 sheets which are letter-sized )
  • Ethernet networking is supported
  • Print speed is 37 pages / minute
  • Ink cartridges are high-yield ( up to 3000 black pages and 3500 colorful pages )
Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer Review Buy

Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer Review Buy

Guide Review – Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer

One of the most impressive things of the Epson B-310N is its speed. You will be surprised because your documents will come out almost as fast as what happens when you use a laser printer. Moreover, if you once used a laser printer, you can easily recognize that this Epson is much more quiet. If you choose the mode “Power Save”, your first page will come out within 17 seconds. In case your printer has finished warming up already, this time will be shorter, just around 6 seconds for the first page and 3.5s / each page later. A PDF document which has four pages takes an average of about 6-7s / page.

About print quality, the Epson B-310N uses DuraBrite ink which can leave color graphics a clear and true look. Black fonts will look sharp and excellent at any size. You won’t notice any bleed into the paper. This B-310N is set “Fast Print” Mode ( also called Draft Mode ) by default. When switching that off, you can barely see the different in print quality. Actually, color graphics can be a bit better but the speed is slower.

Although it is an office printer, it does a great job on photo printing. And again, the Epson B-310N Color Inkjet is fast. It takes just 40 seconds for this printer to print a 4 x 6 photo, using the rear paper tray. You will find this printer handle paper really well. There is a big paper cassette which can hold 500 letter sized sheets. There is also a rear sheet feeder used for envelopes, labels, photos and so on.

You may be disappointed when knowing that this Epson printer lacks a lot of built-in options. Built-in duplexer is optional. There is no slot for memory cards. There is no scanner or copier, or wireless printing option. Having those options would add value to the Epson B-310N printer which is a high-end one. Anyway, its quality is still top notch as well as the speed is remarkable.


  • Its speed is fast
  • Your prints will have excellent quality
  • It offers large paper cassettes
  • It is networkable


  • There is no duplex option
  • Memory card and wifi are not supported



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