This Epson Workforce 30 Inkjet is not an all-in-one printer. This means you will not get a scanner or a fax or a copier in this fairly large unit. But you will be glad with what this printer does because it does its job really well. Your photos will look fantastic due to the Epson’s DuraBrite ink. At the same time, you won’t have to sacrifice monochrome quality. This Epson printer is expensive, but you will get what you pay for.

Epson Workforce 30 Inkjet Printer Review Buy

Epson Workforce 30 Inkjet Printer Review Buy

  • This is a color inkjet printer
  • You will appreciate Energy Star efficiency rating
  • It prints duplex manually
  • DuraBrite ink is used. This ink is smudge-resistant
  • It can print 27 pages every minute

Guide Review – Epson Workforce 30 Inkjet Printer

The WorkForce 30 of Epson is a good color inkjet printer at the entry level. If you don’t need a printer which can do everything such as copying, faxing or scanning, the Workforce 30 is a good choice.

Like many other decent inkjets, the Epson Workforce 30 printer will automatically set itself to print whatever’s in the print queue, so you won’t have to fool with settings. It will take about 4 minutes to print a 5 x 7 color print using premium photo paper of Epson. You will have to wait, but the result will be truly excellent. Your prints will dry instantly and the colors will be great. You know, the DuraBrite ink of Epson is smudge-resistant and water-resistant.

Your prints will look great, as long as you use the proper paper. If you use high-end inkjet paper of Epson, color photos on your PDF document will look superior. Similarly, your color graphics pages will have an excellent look when you use good paper. They will have sharp and clear colors.

You will have nothing to complain when in term of speed. Its print speeds are excellent. Your first monochrome page can come out just in 30 seconds after you turn on your printer. It takes about 20s / page whe you print a PDF document which has four pages.

The Epson WorkForce 30 printer comes with 2 black ink tanks. So, you are allowed to print black text with “laser-quality” ( as Epson stated ). Moreover, maybe you will appreciate Energy Star efficiency rating.


  • It is very inexpensive
  • It prints very fast
  • Prints will come out with excellent quality
  • Your photo prints will be very durable. They will have great looking  also


  • It has large footprint.
  • It has no media slots
  • There is an extra black ink tank. This means you need to buy more ink




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