The Epson WorkForce 520 All-in-One Printer, like its brother which is the Epson Workforce 610, offers many useful features despite its inexpensive price. It prints fast and your text as well as graphics will have a really good looking. Photo printing quality is excellent, but you may have to wait because it prints photos a bit slowly. Small and home businesses will like it because it comes with built-in wireless and an ADF. However, its single paper input as well as its manual duplexing feature may be not very attractive.

Epson WorkForce 520 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

Epson WorkForce 520 All-in-One Printer Review Buy

  • This is a color inkjet printer
  • It prints duplex manually
  • You can use it as a copier, a scanner and a fax
  • There are two paper input trays which can store 8.5” x 14” pages
  • It can connect to the Ethernet / wireless networks
  • Its print resolution is 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Its 2.5” LCD display is tiltable.
  • At draft speed, it can print 38 pages / minute ( monochrome or color )
  • It can print PC-free
  • Many kinds of memory cards are supported

Guide Review – Epson WorkForce 520 All-in-One Printer

Epson says that the Workforce 520 is the fastest multifunctional printer. At draft quality, the 1st  page can come out after 6 seconds. Your Word document which has 3 pages can come out after only 19s. These speeds are really competitive.  One more thing, print quality at draft speeds is very good. Fonts look dark and decent, though the colors are washed out naturally.

When switching to normal quality, things slow down a bit. Your first page will come out in about 8s and your total document will come out in 24s. Although it does not reach to 15 pages / minute as what Epson has claimed, these speeds are really fast and competitive, you know.

Epson printers are typically good at print quality. The Workforce 520 is not an exception. This printer gives you laser-like print quality. There will be nearly no bleed into cheap photo paper. Fonts are still sharp and clear even at draft mode.

Colors are uniformly excellent (of course except for printing at draft mode). Your color photos will look superb. The Workforce 520 is set to “Best Photo Quality” mode by default. At this mode, it takes up to 3:20 to finish printing a 4 x 6 photo. You can switch to “Normal Photo Quality” and have your photo printed out in just 1:38. Honestly, you may hardly see the difference between those 2 prints. They are both richly colored as well as spectacularly sharp. That is a really nice accomplishment for Epson!

The Workforce 520 also offers a scanner which has 3 scanning modes. “Office Mode” can simplify document scanning. “Home Mode” offers you many photo-related features. “Professional Mode” can give complete scanner control. A fax and a copier are also built in.


  • Its speed is fast
  • It offers built-in wired network and built-in wireless network
  • It has very good print quality. You will have excellent photos
  • There is an ADF ( automatic document feeder ) which can store 30 sheets of papers


  • It is a bit slow when it comes to photo printing
  • It has single paper input
  • The LCD screen is tiny and dark


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