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WorkForce WF-3640 All-in-One Printer is our main topic today. As you know, in the early of June, 2014, Epson released up to 8 brand-new printers which are based on the new technology – Precision Core. What is PrecisionCore? PrecisionCore technology is a modern alternative printhead  one which is cheaper but can make your printer work quicker than other old printers with normal inkjet mechanisms as well as some machines which are at entry-level or midrange laser-class.

You can see that this technology is the same as the PageWide technology of HP. And among those 8 new-comers of Epson, there are two small, home-based printers which are multifunctional office ones. One is our WF-3640, and the other is WF-3620 (also a WorkForce All-in-One). They are quite the same, but the later is $30 cheaper (it’s in the $169.99 price range). If you pay about $199.99, you can have the WF-3640 with 2 paper drawers.

Features and Design

This WF-3640 offers you a lot of features that are convenient and productive. It offers you a lot of input sources, allowing you to stock them with various types of papers. It has 2 spacious input drawers which can store up to 250 sheets. You can turn out one-off envelopes, labels or forms using the single-sheet override tray (which is on the back). That is the reason why it is productive.

You know, in case someone else wants to use your WF-3640 to print on a different stock, it still can carry out. Moreover, with the auto-duplexing print engine (we call it ADF – auto-duplexing automatic document feeder ), in just a few minutes, you can have up to 35 pages of two-sided originals scanned, faxed or copied without manually flipping them over. This machine saves your time!

Epson Workforce WF 3640 All-in-one Printer Review Buy

Epson Workforce WF 3640 All-in-one Printer Review Buy

This WF-3640 shares some similarities with its predecessor – the WorkForce WF-3640, beside its PrecisionCore printhead together with several other modern features. For your information, here are some measurements: 17.7″ across, 22.2″ front-back, 12.1″ high, 25.4 pound weigh. You may think it is quite big, but the fact that it still can fit on average desktops. In case it can not, its Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatible feature allows you to easily arrange a suitable place.

PC-free operation is another feature this WF-3640 can offer you. It can print from USB thumb drives and other various kinds of memory cards (and can scan to them, also). You can configure and initiate these tasks from its small touch screen (2.7″, color screen).

Google’s Cloud Print is a useful mobile printing feature this printer offers you, beside Apple’s AirPrint, and Wi-fi Direct. Epson also develops Epson Connect utilities which allow users to print directly from their mobile devices as well as print via email. Click here for more information:  “Mobile Printing Features – 2014

Performance & Print Quality

In general, most of WorkForce printers with PrecisionCore technology are fast! This WF-3640 is, too! You can find it is faster than inkjet printers as well as some entry-level/ mid-range color laser-class machines. (I mean LED, true laser ones). Does nineteen black pages/ minute or ten color pages/ minute sound good to you? About print quality, you can trust this Epson. As most of its predecessors, it offers you great print quality with sharp text, nice photos and graphics.

Cost Per Page

There are some other inkjets and entry-level laser printers in this price range. But you may find this WorkForce is quite competitive with its cost per page of 3.2 cents – monochrome prints as well as 11.3 cents – color print. But you know, when printing a lot, you may find this is not ideal. Remember to consider carefully in other to choose the most suitable printer that meets your printing need. Take a look at this for more details:  “When a $150 Printer Can Cost You Thousands


In brief, WorkForce WF-3640 is a good printer. It is fast, it prints well and it offers many features that are productive and convenient for your printing job. However, if you print in large number (about 200 pages/ month), you should spend more money (about $50 – $100 more) to purchase for another Epson model which is a high-volume one. I recommend you find a WorkForce Pro model.



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