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If you still wonder about the perfect carrier for your child, you should consider ErgoBaby carrier, including the Original carrier and a matching infant insert which is strong and comfortable for both wearer and babies.

The material used to make ErgoBaby is canvas and cotton poplin creating a soft structured baby carrier.  It is easy to realize that the Organic carrier is made of the same material. The Original ErgoBaby is designed for 3-4 months old babies and older ones as long as they have consistent head control. This is usable to carry a baby up to 45 pounds. The infant insert which is sold separately or is included in the Bundle of Joy package will help you to take advantage of the Ergobaby carrier for your baby early in childhood.

With an Ergobaby carrier, your baby can be worn in three different positions which are front, back and hip carry. For front-inward position, the baby is kept in front and facing the parent.The baby will be likely in squatting position or natural sitting position which does not put any pressure on their hips and legs. Therefore, their hip, pelvis and spine will have good growth.

ErgoBaby Carrier Review Buy

ErgoBaby Carrier Review Buy

This carrier is designed with a foam padded waist-belt and shoulder straps which enable you to change its length from 26 inches to 55 inches and from 24 inches to 45 inches, respectively. It is also provided with adjustable chest strap, a hood for your child sleeping, a small pocket and a large zipper pocket to keep anything you want.

You can choose various types of ErgoBaby carrier and each has different prices depend on your styles. It is about $90 for an Original carrier or from $115 to $120 for an MSRP. The Bundle of Joy carrier package I have reviewed recently is an MSRP with the price of $135.

What I Like About the ErgoBaby Carrier

When I use ErgoBaby, I am completely satisfied. I am sure that most of baby carriers will feel the same when they use this carrier to wear their baby or even a newborn. With Ergobaby carrier, my baby son who is about 26 pound could be put in front or behind me on my back for hours. Both of us feel happy during that time and he even had good sleeps inside this carrier despite a lot of noisy things happening near him. He does not show any discomfort or wish to be out of the carrier. It may be a good idea for you and a one year old child.

The fabric of Ergobaby is another contribution to its strength and supportiveness. Edges of this carrier are supported with pads, so you are ensured that your child is tightened enough for safety. It is wonderful that it still look like a new one after several months. Thus, it is clearly that you can save this carrier for another child. Also, two carrier pockets will help you to keep some small things such as cash, keys, toy or nipple, etc.

The matching infant insert is actually the good choice for your newborn babies. You can use it as a padded sleeping bag that is comfortable and safe for your child. Because the the top of insert has padded and curved section, it is very supportive to the baby head. You should think about spending money on this supplementary for your baby carrier enabling you to use the carrier immediately.

ErgoBaby carrier is quite flexible. You can tighten it to suit your little girl or loosen it because of your husband’s wide shoulder. These adjustments would be done quickly and easily in the same way for your backpack belts. It is very convenient because your carrier would match any people and sizes and you only need one carrier for all.

You also have various options to select one ErgoBaby carrier from Original and Organic collection to fashion one with printing. Also, you can choose from an Options carrier with different colors and styles, and from Performance and Sport Collection which use airy and quick-dry substance. The other accessories you may want are weather covers, teething pads, matching changing pads and backpacks.

What I Don’t Like About the ErgoBaby Carrier

Its quality and comfort as the best item for carrier is equivalent to its price which is about $100 or more. It may be a bit pricy for numbers of parents.

The padded straps and its structure definitely bring comfort for users. However, because of them, it is difficult to bend carrier. Thus, it is required you to spend more space for a baby carrier in your diaper bag.

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