Gore Optifade Concealment Camo and Sitka Gear Buy Review

Recently, I have come across W.L. Gore & Associates‘ first foray in the camouflage design world, namely Gore Optifade Concealment. After considering it carefully, I find that appearance of this amazing Gore Optifade has brought about a revolution in the field of game. Now we don’t have to worry about being seen by other deer during hunting any more.

This pixellated pattern introduces the most advanced military camo, taking advantages of rectangular patterns to fool the eye. Optifade is used as the first-ever pattern which is designed basing on the way our deer and other ungulates recognize us. It is that pattern that makes this product much more different from others in the same field. I myself have also experienced it, I got quite close to some game while wearing it, but it seemed that nobody recognized me. So what more that make this item so great? Let’s consider my honest Gore Optifade Concealment Camo and Sitka Gear Review to find answer for yourself.

Gore Optifade Concealment Camo and Sitka Gear Buy Review

Gore Optifade Concealment Camo and Sitka Gear Buy Review

Nobody Could Recognize Me When i wear the Gore and Sitka Gear

The one I have tried is a big hog, which I approached to within about 20 yards. It heard me and paid attention to my direction, but didn’t recognize me. There was some light brush between us. In that case, instead of shooting the swine, I decided to wave and speak to it before it went in another way.

The following day, I sat on a stand overlooking a food plot, completely exposed to enjoy the view. Two whitetails came into the plot and a bit fed around. They directly looked at me more than one time, but they seemed not to realize me at all. The deer near there were not nervous at all. And about me, I was wearing an orange vest in both situations, so I can’t fully believe in the camo. So if I wore Wrangler camo jeans (Realtree) and a Sitka Optifade jacket, can you imagine what would happen?

More review about Gore and Sitka Gear

In this situation, gore is partnered with Sitka Gear . Sitka is famous for its high quality – and costly prices as well. I’m lucky to have chance to try a range of Sitka clothing during the last season, and here I’m going to give you a quick overview for each of them as follow.

The two pieces that I experienced most were  Core Zip T (long sleeve t-shirt) and Core Bottom (think camo long underwear). As indicated in the Core name, they’re designed to be worn next to the skin. I felt them all light, comfortable, and really warm. Both of them have feature of Silver Scent Elimination, which is known as “for the life of the garment.” Personally, I liked the zipper on the Zip T, which helped me to cool off even I felt too warm due to weather or exertion.

The one which is currently used most is a Jetstream VestWindstopper fabrics is preferred by a small number of users, but it is able to perform a great job, that is to keep your torso warm, even in case that you are under-dressed for the conditions. Plus, there are plenty of pockets, such as two handwarmer, two outside chest, and one inside left chest – all zippered) which can go with with this light, thin piece….

One more thing, we have the Coldfront Jacket. This one is made with Gore-Tex Soft Shell fabric, and plays function of blocking wind and moisture. Its positive side is a drawstring hood with a short bill, pockets galore, and long armpit zippers for to vent in case you get overheated. Also, it consists of a drawstring bottom, but personally, I don’t like that feature on my jacket.

What about negative sides? Actually, it makes noise whenever you move, or zip or unzip it. But this is totally a common issue for as I see any waterproof garments that I’ve ever worn is noisy. One more thing or the worst of all, the sleeves cling to whatever I wear underneath, so it is often difficult to put on and take off.

I also tried a Jetstream Beanie which is made from Windstopper fabric. This small cap’s key function is to keep my head warm, not only in Colorado but also in Georgia. I actually forgot to have a brim to shade my eyes, but that is the nature of a beanie cap.

I used to war a pair of Jetstream Gloves while hunting elk in Colorado. These gloves are made from Windstopper fabric, and may be the best gloves I’ve wore ever while hunting. They fit excellently and offer great grip and feel. My hands often get cold in winter, even with gloves wore or not, but gloves eliminate this bad thing, which I’ve never found in any other gloves before . I finally admit that “glomitts” work better for me than any other expensive items.

And the last thing I’d like to share here is a pair of Coldfront Pants with Gore-Tex Soft Shell fabric. These britches are not used much in this season, but they are among some of the best rain pants I’ve ever tried. Not only are they just as noisy as the Coldfront Jacket, they also come with rain gear. The features that make them more wonderful is that they contain five exterior pockets, which are zippered all. In my opinion, I’d prefer two rear pockets, but you can’t gain everything at the same time. The zippers, like those on most of these garments, are loud but with very good quality.

Side zippers on both legs are about four inches of the waistband. Drawstring cuffs on the legs. Sitka introduces a number of tips to protect them from falling down, for example, clinging rubbery waistband liner, or non-slip, removable elastic suspenders. The pants lining clings are in common with the Coldfront jacket sleeves, so you can totally hope to use the leg zippers for easy on-off if you wear something underneath.


In short, any things are increasing in both quality and quantity. There are now numerous choices of Concealment on the market. But to find the one which is really good is not simple at all. It is the reason why I highly recommend you trying Gore Optifade and Sitka Gear. I’ve check it on my own and the results are over my expectation. So let’s feel safe to enjoy it, you will be convinced.



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