Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack Buy Review

What Is Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack?

Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack is a high-quality product which can work well in a range of vehicles. It comes with so many great features that you may have never had chance to experience before. One of those features is the sturdy optional UVQD800PMP floor plate, which allows you to mount and remove the rack quickly. To learn more about this product, please follow my article!

Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack Buy Review

Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack Buy Review

What Are The Pros of Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack?

  • It is made in the USA, a reputed origin that most of the customers in the world love.
  • It comes with lightweight and strong aluminum construction.
  • It can be also inserted from the front or rear.
  • The angle is adjustable, but the wrenches are required.
  • Both installation and removal are easy and simple.

What Are The Cons of Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack?

  • It reduces space for passengers when rack is installed.
  • Angle adjustment always requires wrenches.
  • The mounting plate holes didn’t fit the bolts in my Ranger’s floor well.

What Are The Key Features of Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack?

  • It is an upright floor-mounted gun rack, which can hold two guns.
  • Guns stand vertically, with butts downward.
  • Foam-padded cradles are adjustable aluminum, and come with Velcro® straps to protect the guns (two straps/ one gun).
  • Guns can be inserted from front or rear.
  • Angle can be adjusted but the wrenches are always required.
  • Optional floor mounting plate are sold separately.
  • Floor plate need to have the two holes in my 2006 Polaris Ranger drilled.

My personal Review about Great Day Quick Draw QD800 Rack and QD800PMP Mounting Plate

Once I first got my 2006 Polaris Ranger, I knew it was what I’ve looked for during a long time. I wanted to have it for not only hunting but also for work around my house. And a gun rack was one of the things that I cost my attention by that time. I thought providing that I can use a shotgun and/or rifle, many problems will be solved.

The interesting folks on Great Day brought about me chance to test and review this rack and the optional floor mounting plate. I also planned to put it throughout its paces. And the initial time came with some difficulties.

The floor plate of black aluminum is supposed to be universal, but when I put it on my Ranger’s floor, i found that there were only two of the eight mounting holes which lined up with the available bolts. (This plate is required in a Ranger because the hump in the middle is made of plastic, it is not very sturdy.)

Being the handy sort, I made the two rear-most holes in line existing bolts, and then had them worked. Then I took the photo and drilled the floor until the steel frame was seen. After that, I put a 1/4″-20 tap into the steel to line it, and installed a pair of bolts there in order to protect the mount to the Ranger.

After installation, the floor mount becomes so sturdy. Eight threads inserted in the plate made it possible to mount the rack in all positions, using the four available bolts with big plastic knobs. Then you can mount and install or remove the rack safely and quickly.

The rack itself is strong and made of aluminum with a black textured finish. Angle was adjustable, using wrenches. I was eager to see how a thumb bolt would be changed. And as my expectation, after being adjusted, the rack was able to hold its position well and will firmly stay in the place where you put it.

Inserting and removing guns from this rack is not difficult, but space in my Ranger is limited. And no matter how I mounted it, it always required me to knock the gun against something before removing it.

Once Quick Draw QD800 is installed, it broke the center portion of the bench seat in my Ranger, so if I wanted to carry two passengers, I would have to remove it. And to have this process completed simply and quickly , I used the mounting plate and the supplied bolts with knobs.


In short, Great Day Quick Draw QD800 UTV Gun Rack is actually a good product, but in case of my in my Ranger, I don’t like it very much. The overhead two-gun rack by Big Sky, called the UTV Sky Bar seems to be more suitable with my situation. Of course, this is only my personal choice, depending on the application whether a vertical gun rack is desired in a truck, Jeep, or golf cart. So please consider carefully and then decide whether investing it or not.



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