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If you are looking for a small-sized printer with reasonable price, the HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer is a good choice. This printer is light and small. But it can give you sharp and clear photos in just around 2 minutes. You may like its creative editing features as well as its touch screen. The screen is large so you can find it is very easy to use and to see, unlike other smaller LCD ones out there. There are not a lot of color enhancement features, but the Bluetooth connection makes this printer more portable because you have no need to use so many cables.

Guide Review – HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer

HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer Review Buy

HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer Review Buy

The Photosmart A626 printer comes with 1 single cartridge as well as 1 sample cartridge which is good for around 10 photos. There is a USB port on the back. This port is used for a printer connection. (Notice: it is mistakenly said in the directions that there is a USB cable supplied). You also have a power-cord connection offered.

One of the things I like most about this HP Compact Photo Printer is its touch screen. It is large, so I can easily preview as well as edit my photos. When you use the printer for the first time, you are allowed to choose the languages. Then there will be an animation instructing you to insert the cartridge. You will find this is quite helpful because on the first use you may have difficulty rotating the cartridge.

You can see that thumbnails from your SD card are appeared immediately on the printer’s screen. You are allowed to scroll through 4 photos at the same time. After selecting one, the editing options will allow you to crop, remove red-eye, and adjust brightness. Creative options allow you to add frames, drawing, clip art, and captions. You can also “slim” photos, or change those photos to sepia, metallic, monochrome, or solarized. Drawing on photos is also available but beware that lines which look quite smooth on the screen can become more uneven and jagged than you might expect.

After you press the button Print, there will be a timer popping up to estimate print time. Usually it takes about one and a haft minutes when printing at highest quality. Pictures may take about 1 min 50 sec (4 x 6 print). All prints come out very dry, smudge-free.

Colors are vibrant but in several cases, they may be too strong. This is a weak point of the HP Photosmart A626 printer: we can not make any color adjustment to improve the color.  Yellow gloves may shine like the sun, as well as the glare of a flash which is on black hair may show up as dark blue.


  • It has a large touch screen
  • It is light and portable


  • There are not many editing options
  • The printing speed is slow


If this printer were a little larger, it would become a lunchbox-sized one. At about 3 pounds, it is lightweight, so you can move it easily when you need to rearrange your office. This Photosmart A626 photo printer offers you 1 USB hub. You can use this hub for PictBridge connection which is the HP Bluetooth’s adapter used for wireless printers (but it is not included, you can buy it for about 30 dollars). Moreover, slots for many different kinds of media cards are also included.

More detailed descriptions:

  • The touch screen is large : 4.8 in
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4, Vista as well as Windows XP.
  • It can print borderless pages
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless capability is offered
  • It supports a variety types of memory cards
  • Its weight is about 3.4 pounds



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