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Our topic today is the OKI Data’s C831n which is in the $1,699 price range. Compared to single-function inkjet printers which can print wide-format pages (for example: the Officejet 7610 Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer of HP – you can have this one with $249.99), single-function tabloid laser-class printers (like this OKI) are quite expensive. The price of this machine is almost 6 times more expensive than the average price of other today’s wide-format printers (about $300). Most of these machines are all-in-one. Not only they can print 11″ x17″ pages, but also scan, copy, and often fax these wide-format pages. In addition, some of these tabloid inkjets are able to handle pages which are up to 13″x19″.

About twelve years ago, wide-format laser printers could cost up to around $5,000. Those machines were humungous. They could be 3-feet in height and 100 pounds in weight. So it was necessary to have a steady stand as well as it was very hard to move your printer to another space if you had to rearrange your office.

Still, those machines at that time allowed you to print almost every type of advertising materials as well as product documentations in formats which were unavailable on normal letter-size printers. I mean tabloid size, about 8.5″x11″. (You know, if you used to work as a desktop publisher, a tabloid-size laser printer became one of your coveted possessions.) Although today’s wide-format laser machines are not as heavy, big , and expensive like before anymore, they are still handy to be in-house. You can read this article “Tabloid (11”x17”) Printers” to know more about benefits a wide-format machine can bring to.

Detailed Review of OKI Data C831n Wide Format Color Laser Printer

OKI Data C831n Wide Format Color Laser Printer Review Buy

OKI Data C831n Wide Format Color Laser Printer Review Buy

Performance & Output Quality

During anecdotal speed tests, this OKI Data’s C831n performs quite similar to several other laser printers which are in middle range. For example, when it comes to standard business reports and documents, this printer can print around 8 pages/ minute (ppm). This speed is slightly faster than the average speed of other machines in the same range.

About print quality, it is also average. Text looked quite great, but you may find photographs and graphics may be merely passable. When it comes to PowerPoint presentations and some in-house reports, the quality is also satisfactory. But this machine is not designed for printing quality brochures as well as other kinds of marketing materials. In fact, many other tabloid-size inkjet printers we have mentioned here can print better-looking images and graphics.


For your information, this OKI is a laser-class LED printer. Unlike true laser machines, this printer does not use lasers for drawing page images on its image drum (and then the image drum will pick up and transfer toner onto papers). The C831n charges images on its print drum using light-emitting diodes (also called LEDs) or an array.

When lasers are replaced by LEDs, printer makers can design printers which are lighter and smaller without using too many moving parts. LED models often reduce the manufacturing cost, but LED-based machines and laser ones still operate much the same.

Since this C831n can only print, there is not much to talk about its features. It has a control panel with a multiline black and white LCD and some buttons. But this panel does not do much. It just allows users to change the configuration as well as to check the toner levels. It does not support cloud sites for users who need PC-free printing. Memory card slots are not included, either.

Although this machine does not support Wireless network or any mobile printing alternatives which are now available on almost every today’s printers, users can connect this printer to a PC using their USB cable or to their network with its Ethernet support.

CPP – Cost Per Page

Replacing all 4 of this printer’s toner cartridges may cost up to $800, but the actual CPP (CPP indicates how much one page will cost in toner), is quite decent. For example, black and white pages will cost about under 2 cents/page, and color ones will cost around 10 cents/page. These numbers are quite ideal for a laser printer, but don’t forget that this is not a machine which is designed to print with high-volume. Please read this article to understand more: “When a $150 Printer Can Cost You Thousands”. Moreover, please note these CPPs are for normal letter-size prints. It may cost users about twice if they print tabloid pages which have equal coverage.


Among other tabloid-size laser printers, this C831n can be a good choice. It has ideal CPPs. There are some printer manufacturers using the fact that their printers can print wide-format pages to gouge buyers on consumables. No matter what, if you really need a tabloid printer which is laser, this OKI is good.

You can click here for more detailed information about this OKI Data’s C831n.



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