This Polaroid PoGo Portable Photo Printer will be very helpful when you are at a party, an outing, or a sport event and you need to print out some small photos in a short time without so many wires. This little printer will not give you spectacular-looking pictures because it doesn’t compete with other compact photo printers which are full-blown and more expensive.

  • It is a photo printer which is very portable. It has the size of a deck of cards
  • Without paper, it weighs about eight ounces
  • ZINK photo paper will come in packages. Each package has ten or thirty sticky-back pieces
  • It has built-in Bluetooth
Polaroid PoGo Portable Photo Printer Review Buy

Polaroid PoGo Portable Photo Printer Review Buy

Guide Review – Polaroid PoGo Portable Photo Printer

I’m sure you will find it’s fun using this Polaroid PoGo. This printer can be put into a back-pocket of your pair of jeans. The reason that makes it so small is that it does not use ink. Instead, you may find that the special photo paper ZINK contains dye crystals which will be activated by this PoGo printer’s heat.

About printing speed, don’t worry because your prints will come out fast. In my test, it took only about 49s for this Pogo to print a 2 x 3 photo from my Blackberry. Moreover, if you want to post your photos on the wall, just peel off the backing.

Although your photos will not look very clear and sharp like when you print them by Canon’s Selphy compact printer, this PoGo weighs just eight ounces. Moreover, it can print photos from your mobile phone and your digital camera (using PictBridge). You have no need to bring any wires. And you have no need to bring any electric plugs either (because this printer comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery)

It can’t compete with many compact photo printers out there because of its printing quality as well as its limited size of photos. But if you use your phone to take photos very often and really need to print them right away to distribute them, this is the right printer for you.

In conclusion, if you do not really mind the small size of photos, and you want a printer which can print out photos from your phone immediately without editing, this PoGo can make you enjoy a party really well. It is now available at BestBuy, and around July, you can find it from Target


  • It is portable so you can easily bring it to places
  • It has built-in Bluetooth
  • It is powered by battery (AC, too)


  • You just can print small pages with fixed size
  • It offers no editing options




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