These days, maybe it’s really hard for us to find anyone who doesn’t know what Wi-fi (also called Wireless network) is. It is a wireless LAN which allows computers and devices such as printers to connect together. While data must be sent over the Ethernet cable when you use wired networks, it is sent through the air when it comes to Wi-fi.

The century of mobile devices has begun, leading to the fact that there are more and more kinds of Wi-fi services as well as protocols through which our data can be passed between our laptops, smartphones, tablets or even our printers. Lately, there are some more modern wireless connectivity choices for us. Wi-fi Direct and NFC (also called near-field communications) are some examples. Beside not requiring networks, some of them do not require routers either.

Bluetooth: Having been around for such a long time, everybody knows what Bluetooth is. Although there are not many printers offering Bluetooth, you still can find this feature on some mobile printers. HP’s Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One is one of them. Trust me, this printer is designed for those who prefer Bluetooth than other newer protocols. The reason is it is not difficult to use. You know, Bluetooth is a quite popular protocol that you can find on almost all of the mobile devices.

Printers Ways To Print Wirelessly Review Buy

Printers Ways To Print Wirelessly Review Buy

Near-field communication: also called NFC, has become standard on almost all of the midrange printers as well as high-end ones. With near-field communication, literally you can wave your mobile device (Smartphone or tablet for example) over your printer. Another way is to touch that device to a programmed spot on your printer. Those two devices will exchange near-field communication tags which essentially recognize one another as ready devices. After that, your mobile device will send documents stored in it to your printer and you can have those documents printed in a few seconds. At the moment, you may find that even with multifunction printers which can perform scanning, copying, or faxing, when you connect them to your mobile devices using NFC, you are just able to print. But these days, some stores are beginning to use this kind of protocol to allow their customers to pay the bills, or even there are transit districts using it for fare-collecting. So, NFC is quite flexible. And the day you are able to use NFC to fax, scan when connecting mobile devices to your printer/scanner will come soon.

Do you remember what you have seen in Samsung commercials about how their smartphones’ users can exchange their data (photo, music for example) just by tapping the backs of the phones together?  You know, that is NFC. It may be up to the implementation, but you can print in (extremely close) proximity just by pushing one virtual button on your mobile device. Another way is to tap your mobile device on a designated position on your printer. Anyway, near-field communication is still in its first years of developing. If you need more details, you can visit here: “Near-Field Communications”.

Wi-Fi Direct: The way it works is similar to Bluetooth. You can connect your mobile device to your printer and print your document without any wireless networks, intervening routers, nor drivers. It is convenient because your two devices which offer Wi-fi Direct can recognize each other. Visit here for more information: “Free Your Mobile Devices with Wi-Fi Direct”.

Cloud sites: Nowadays, everybody knows the basic meaning of the “cloud”. You can find a good few cloud sites more complicated than others, which allow you to print your documents/ photos directly from those sites to the printer, and vice versa. Google Cloud Print is one of the sites which allow you to have your documents printed from Internet-ready places and from your printer also. Moreover, “PC-free printing” is the term we use to call the service offered by some printers which allow us to directly print our documents from cloud sites.

Technology is changing our world everyday. Today we are having more new ways to have our documents printed from our mobile devices. If you want to know more about this, please click here for more details: “Mobile Printing Features – 2014”.




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