Guide Review – Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer

In my test, 14 seconds was the time this Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer needed to print a 2-page, black-and-white PDF document! And 18 seconds was the time it needed to print that same document when I used its built-in duplexer. Those numbers are  so ideal for users who have a lot of work to do and don’t want to spend too much time waiting for their printers.

Not only its speed is great, its print quality is also excellent! The default setting of this ML-2851 is 600 dpi, and the best setting is 1200 dpi. But you will find there is no difference between pages printed out at those two settings. All pages will come out with sharp and crisp text. Even when you print 72-point text at the two resolutions, you may not find any noticeable difference. This means, even for premium print jobs, you may not need to spend more money on extra toner.

Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer Review Buy

Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer Review Buy

Samsung says that if you use the Save Toner setting of this printer, the toner cartridge life can be extended up to 40%. In my test, documents printed at 12 & 72 points appeared to have no difference from other versions that I had printed out.

At default setting, it takes about 10 seconds for this Samsung to print one PDF page which has a color image as well as colorful graphic. Once again, you have no need to worry about the quality. They both look good and decent. Sometimes, there may be a small amount of streaking in the graphics, and in those cases, higher resolution can make a remarkable difference because the graphics will look excellent.

The ML-2581 printer can connect to a wired network but it can’t be accessed wirelessly. You may be a bit disappointed when knowing that, but don’t forget this is a printer at entry-level. If you pay about $100 more, you can have the Brother MFC-7840W, which is an all-in-one so you can fax, copy, scan and print. To sum up,  with its good price, speed and quality, Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer is a great printer for those who are looking for a basic printer for their business.


This Samsung ML-2851 Laser Printer is suitable for small as well as home businesses. But you should notice that it’s not a multifunctional printer. This means purchases will be separated among a fax, a scanner, as well as a printer which is used for color copies. So, if you just need to print black-and-white documents, this ML-2851 is one of the best choices which can give you great-looking pages.

  • It can print 28 pages/ minute
  • Its monthly duty cycle is 30,000 sheets
  • CPP is about 1.8 cents
  • It has the toner-save function
  • It offers a 32MB memory which can be expandable to 150MB



  • It is super fast, so it saves your time
  • Print quality is excellent! You will have great-looking documents
  • It can work over a network
  • It is compact
  • It offers a built-in duplexer


  • It can’t connect to wireless network
  • It’s not an all-in-one




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