With a very reasonable price, the Canon Selphy CP780 Photo Printer is a really great choice. You will have your photos printed out with rich colors and fantastic sharpness. There is an optional battery and Bluetooth adapter ( which are $130 ). So, it is not easily for you to bring this printer from place to place, but in terms of price as well as print quality, this Canon printer is excellent.

Selphy CP780 Photo Printer Review Buy

Selphy CP780 Photo Printer Review Buy

  • This is a compact color photo printer
  • It prints photos which are 4” x 6”
  • Its LCD screen is 2.5”
  • Many kinds of media cards are supported
  • It can connect to a PC via USB connection
  • It uses custom paper and custom ink ribbons

Guide Review – Selphy CP780 Photo Printer

The Canon Selphy CP780 Printer, like the Sony DPP-FP97 Digital Photo Printer ( which is a much more expensive one ) , is a dye-sublimation printer which requires special paper as well as special ink ribbon. You can print from many types of media and the print quality is good.

You will be guided through the printing process by Canon’s Selphy software. It’s very handy when you want to add frames, clip arts and text balloons to your photos. However, you may find a bit unpleasant because it talks out quite loud. Moreover, while your print job is underway, this software may offer print ideas which are tantalizing ( such as printing a calendar ) – without explaining how to do that. This Canon’s LCD screen is smaller than the 3.5” one of the Sony DPP-FP97. It isn’t tiltable and it cannot connect directly to a television, either.

Because this is a dye-sublimation printer, after coming out of the printer, your photos will be pulled back in for a while for the Selphy CP780 to add new colors into them. Your prints will have astoundingly deep and rich colors. Honestly, they may be the sharpest printed photos you have ever seen. Total time for the Selphy CP780 to finish printing a 4 x 6 photo is just about 1 minute. However, images are slightly cropped, especially on their edges. So you will risk losing a part of your picture if your images are off center.


  • Its print quality is excellent
  • Its price is inexpensive
  • It is very compact


  • There is no battery
  • Bluetooth adapter is optional
  • Your photos may have some unintended cropping



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